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Our trust lawyers advise on trusts, wills and probate with a view to asset protection, inter-generational wealth transfer, ring-fencing of assets (whether in Hong Kong or abroad) from creditors, and the minimization of loss of wealth through potential conflicts or disputes among family members or taxation.

Where appropriate, our practice works in conjunction with our other practice areas in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and hedge funds to facilitate the making of investments through trusts and to provide an overall wealth management structure.

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trust creation


At Timothy Loh LLP, we offer you in-depth guidance trusts whether it be on the holding and control structure for your family assets, helping you to leave an enduring legacy aligned with your vision. Our knowledge of trusts enables us to tailor recommendations for the optimal vehicle that is best suited for your needs.

Our offerings include the formation of inter vivos and testamentary trusts and the administration of trusts including devising arrangements to enable a settlor (or testator) to maintain limits on the trustee’s control over trust property and assets, whether through private trust companies, letters of wishes, memoranda of wishes, or a reservation of powers.

trustees duties


We advise on compliance with the terms of trust, duties of care and fiduciary responsibilities, providing advice on dealing fairly between beneficiaries.

From powers of investment and sale, to equitable principles laid out in statutes, common law rules, equitable principles and the Trustee Ordinance (“TO”), we seamlessly guide trustees through complexities with confidence.

trustee appointment


At Timothy Loh LLP we can help with changes in the identity of trustees. We facilitate the seamless transfer of trust property to new trustees and facilitate the redomiciliation of trusts to Hong Kong from foreign jurisdictions.

Your evolving relationships are supported with us, as we ensure your legacy remains true to your intentions.

beneficiaries’ rights


Our services extend to advising beneficiaries on their rights, including property entitlements and assets vested in them, distributions and access to information.

Clarity is the cornerstone of our approach, providing beneficiaries with a deep understanding of their rights, trust property, and assets. Your trust is nurtured and safeguarded with our extensive experience.

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